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No sports team excelling for the top would ever consider playing without a coach. Neither should any small business. Competition is fierce, both in sports and in business. Kansas Money Coach helps small businesses understand how money drives their operations. And from there, helps them take that knowledge to the next level: helping to set goals, plan action steps, and provide accountability.

Kansas Money Coach can help you to build your accounting and business processes to set your small business up for long-term growth and success. We’ll help you to have streamlined accounting processes that will allow you to have simple, efficient flows of money through your business. We’ll help you to understand what numbers and ratios are important for your type of business. And, we’ll help you monitor them to achieve maximum success.

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Why do you want your small business to be successful?

Most people want to increase their wealth and create that lifestyle they’ve always wanted. They want “success.” Establishing and adhering to best practices around your business money and finances is often the difference between success and failure.  Or success and greater success. Do you have a great idea for business but don’t understand the money part? Kansas Money Coach can help you to create those best practices and then coach you and your business to long-term success.

As a full-service financial coaching, accounting, and tax business, Kansas Money Coach can provide a full spectrum of financial services, all as part of the coaching process. And, as a virtual firm, we can help you wherever you’re at. While coaching for business success is key, having other, related services as part of the package can help make the whole process even more efficient. We’ll help you put together a package that fits right for your small business.

We teach you not to silo decisions, say around tax, “The business can write-off this SUV and lower its taxes this year,” but to consider other aspects. Maybe something more like this, “The business could pay lower taxes this year with this SUV purchase, but does that make the most overall sense? The business doesn’t need a new SUV. Maybe a better idea is to go heavier on marketing our new product and bank some dollars. A new vehicle will be needed later. Maybe a better deal can be found with more time available.”

Kansas Money Coach strives hard to ensure that we deliver on our promise of high-quality service and expertise. We stand behind our work and our commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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